Books You’ve Never Heard Of

Take this with a little salt – there’s a huge chance you’ve heard of these books before, but I personally feel like they don’t get enough hype. I know some of these might have been seriously popular in other countries or at other times or even in different schools or friendship groups, but just not for me. So sorry if I mention books you’ve heard way too much about. Here’s an incomplete list of the best under-hyped books I’ve read!


The book that inspired this post! I read Why I Loathe Sterling Lane over the past summer and LOVED it. Like it’s a 5-star read. Except I don’t think I’ve heard of or know anyone else who’s read it, and you’re all missing out! Trust me. It contains all my favourite tropes, the characters are crazy and hilarious. And the plot/structure/layout of the book is 10/10.

By Invitation Only is insanely dramatic and pretty unrealistic, but I loved it. I believe it’s a self-published e-book, so there are quite a few grammatical and structural mistakes, but if you ignore that, you face a cool location, fun romance, a bit of mystery and some very, very entertaining moments.

I read Ketchup Clouds almost 3 years ago now and it’s still stuck with me. I’m always recommending it to friends – it’s one of the best YA mysteries I’ve ever read. The plot is super unique, and though to begin with it seems the 15 year old character has been written much younger, the cast of characters on the whole are layered and well-developed.

If you read my other posts and have somehow avoided every time (many many times) I’ve mentioned how much I adore The Song of Achilles, then seriously pat yourself on the back. I’ve explained my many, many reasons for loving this book a ridiculous amount of times now, so please, for my sanity,  r e a d  t h i s  b o o k ! It’s based on some Greek mythology, but I promise you don’t have to understand any of it to like this book.

img_0065For the final book in this post, I want to mention The Foxhole Court (and all the books in the All For The Game series). I have a review on my blog for this book which explains allllll my feelings. But basically, the most insanely unique and individual plot and beautifully-crafted and precious characters. For a self-published series, I know it’s really popular in the Tumblr community, but outside of that, I haven’t ever heard much about this series. So please, order your copy off Amazon and read it asap!
Thanks so much for reading! If you’ve read any of these books and have reviews or anything, let me know so we can gush together! Let me know of any books you love and no one talks about!



  1. I’m proud to say I’ve heard of 2/5 LOL!!!
    Someone recommended The FoxHole Court to me, and I think it came up too as a Goodreads suggestion after I read The Captive Prince trilogy. The Song of Achilles was beautifully written – it was hard not to notice even though I just listened to the audiobook. As a matter of fact, I liked the writing so much, I’m currently reading the ARC for the author’s, Madeline Miller’s, upcoming work, Circe.

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    1. Omg I’m so jealous of you, I can’t wait to read Circe! I hope you enjoy it!

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