Flawed & Perfect SERIES REVIEW

If I had written this review when I first read Flawed a year and a half ago, it would probably sound a little different. Don’t get me wrong, I still love this book and series, but I definitely think that as my reading taste has changed, so has what I look for in a 5 star novel. That said, I have decided to keep the 4.5 star rating for Flawed, as I don’t think it’s fair to lower the rating on the basis that I already knew the story so there was less anticipation than first time around. However, the anticipation and excitement was most definitely there as I read Perfect, so I gave it 5 stars. Both of these novels kept me on the edge of my seat and threw in so many twists and turns, it would’ve been hard to keep up if I wasn’t so invested and amazed.

I am always in awe of the thought that goes into creating a new world in dystopian novels, and I am always jealous that I’m not creative enough to build my own. The world Cecelia Ahern has created is exceptional – it’s fully fleshed out, complex and most importantly, believable. It’s honestly not too far off anything I could imagine happening in our world today, which is kind of terrifying and kind of exciting. Though Flawed and Perfect are dystopian novels, I feel like there was a lot to learn from their society and a lot of important lessons we can transfer into our own lives. Trust, loyalty, compassion and logic…

My only criticism would be about Celestine, our protagonist, in the first novel. It says (it felt like thousands of times but might’ve only been twice) how she is a “a girl of definitions, of logic, of black and white”. It just grated at my nerves, the way we were constantly reminded. Like yes, okay, I get it! However, I didn’t notice this at all when I read it for the second time. Celestine as a Flawed is more courageous than I’ll ever be and a wonderful character to look up to when you need inspiration to be brave.

At the end of Flawed I was super excited to see what the future looked like for Celestine and Carrick. Carrick as a secretive, mysterious, tall, good-looking, quiet hero-type was great. Carrick as a boyfriend of Celestine who actually spoke and interacted with others kind of bugged me and I don’t know why!? The other Flawed characters really added something exciting as individuals and I loved the relationship between Celestine and her mother. Yay for positive teen-parent relationships!

I would definitely recommend this duology if you want a quick and exciting dystopian read!

Author: Cecelia Ahern
Title: Flawed | Perfect
Audience: Teens/Young Adults
Genres: Dystopian
Published: April 2016 | April 2017

Star Rating: ★★★★★

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