2017 Reading Goals CHECK IN✏️

I recently remembered (not a good sign) that some time in the early months of 2017 I set myself some reading goals for the year. When better than the middle of January 2018 to check in with my goals and see if I’ve completed any! 

Read at least a couple of chapters of a book written in German❌

I’m not practising my German as much anymore so I kinda completely forgot about this:/

Listen to audiobooks (at least the 2 I’ve already bought on Audible)❌

I can’t believe I’ve been listening to the same audiobook for a year! And I’ve barely made a dent. But I’m still listening so I’m sure I’ll make it one day!

Read more poetry & discover my favourite style✅

I’ve been reading a lot more poetry recently, mostly “instagram” poetry, but it’s really made me love poetry and I’m definitely interested in expanding my range  this year!

Read a classic (how many do I own now?..)✅

I read The Outsiders in the last couple of days of 2017! It’s definitely more of a modern classic that the Pride and Prejudice or Wuthering Heights direction I was intending, but it still counts – and I loved it!

Read sequels around the time they’re published❌

I think I’m going to be eternally rubbish at this. Unless it’s like a ‘I’ve just finished the book this second and I absolutely need the next one right now and I can afford to buy it myself’, I’m probably going to have to wait a while to get the sequels and by then the hype has subdued a little.

Read longer books – hopefully they’re not as scary as they look❌

Nope – or at least none that I can think of with any sort of significance? Long books (I’m talking like 500ish+ words) still scare me.

Don’t focus on my GoodReads reading goal too much aka. don’t just read to read ENJOY THE BOOK✅

Definitely done much better at not focusing on the numbers and focusing on enjoyment this year! I think setting a lower GoodReads goal makes the small achievements seem a lot more important and impressive.

Review the books I want to and don’t worry about how often I post on my blog✅

Well this is very obvious. I’ve hardly posted this year, but I’ve posted reviews on books I felt very passionate about and writing posts when I was feeling motivated to!

Only request books when I have time to read them (college has to come first)✅

Again, I’ve hardly had any time to read over the past 4 months so haven’t requested any books – I knew I wouldn’t get round to readings them so why bother!

Read the books already on my shelf! STOP BUYING BOOKS❌

Complete fail.
I mean, 5/10 isn’t too bad. Though I’ll definitely be carrying some 2017 goals over into this New Year. Look out for my 2018 Reading Resolutions post, coming soon!


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