Though predicable at times, Nemesis by Brendan Reichs is a novel that I’ll remember for a long time. With every page I read, I not only unearthed several more questions I absolutely needed answers to, but also a complex and creative world unlike anything I’ve read before.

Nemesis centres around two high school students, Min and Noah, who don’t share much in common – unless you count the bi-yearly murders they each experience on their birthdays’, committed by an enigmatic stranger that they nickname Black Suit. Min and Noah live their individual, worlds-apart lives trying to ignore the fear and confusion that these murders bring. They’re successful for years and have suffered through 5 murders before they start to suspect something more is going on. They begin to notice changes in the behaviour of their parents, teachers and almost everyone they trust, and with an asteroid soon to hit and destroy the Earth, Min and Noah are determined to find out exactly what is happening to them and why.

The execution of the book was flawless. It is told in alternating perspectives from Min and Noah, which is further split into 5 main parts and several smaller chapters. This makes it impossible not to get caught up in the story and finish the whole book in record time, despite the 446 page length.

There is some serious character development seen in Noah throughout the book, though most noticeably towards the end. Min, however, I feel is already quite self-assured and always has her head screwed on, and maintains her badass attitude until the very last page.

I definitely see parallels to The Maze Runner and The 100 series’, and though I haven’t read any books from either series, I have seen The Maze Runner movies and The 100 TV show. Despite the slight overlaps in the basic plotlines, the story of Nemesis was incredibly unique and fascinating to me. It also slowly developed into a story where I began to see similarities with the Gone series by Michael Grant and Lord of the Flies – this in particular makes me very excited for the next book. Gimme more!

Author: Brendan Reichs
Title: Nemesis
Audience: Teens/Young Adults
Genres: Science Fiction, Mystery, Fantasy
Published: March 2017

Star Rating: ★★★★★

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