2017 Reading Resolutions

I’m very a much a ‘read whatever I feel like in the moment’ reader, so planning and TBRs don’t usually go very well for me. I’m never in the mood to read what I predicted I would want to. So I wasn’t going to set any goals for this year, but I thought I might try and have some (mostly) broad resolutions to aim towards this year. Plus it’ll be interesting to see how many I complete or achieve!

  1. Read at least a couple of chapters of a book written in German
  2. Listen to audiobooks (at least the 2 I’ve already bought on Audible)
  3. Read more poetry & discover my favourite style
  4. Read a classic (how many do I own now?..)
  5. Read sequels around the time they’re published
  6. Read longer books – hopefully they’re not as scary as they look
  7. Don’t focus on my GoodReads reading goal too much aka. don’t just read to read ENJOY THE BOOK
  8. Review the books I want to and don’t worry about how often I post on my blog
  9. Only request books when I have time to read them (college has to come first)
  10. Read the books already on my shelf! STOP BUYING BOOKS

I think 10 is a good number so 10 goals it is! Looking forward to all that 2017 brings…


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