The One Memory of Flora Banks

When I first read the synopsis of this book, I was immediately intrigued and already trying to figure out how it would end. My first thought was it might head in a fantasy direction, though I knew it was a contemporary novel, so couldn’t wait to see how a novel with such a unique premise would conclude without any fantastical elements.

It took some time for me to get used to the middle-grade style of writing. I completely understand that the book had to be written this way to help show the effects of Flora’s amnesia, I’m just not used to reading a book with such an unreliable narrator. I felt like I was constantly waiting for something to go wrong or for it to all be revealed as a dream or something. As a result of this writing style, Flora’s character seemed quite childish – so when she went and did seriously crazy and adventurous stuff, it felt wrong and like she shouldn’t know how to do any of these things yet.

Particular settings in this novel were described beautifully and the characters were all very easy to like. I really appreciated the family aspect that was woven into the novel, especially when Flora’s brother was introduced. Finding out everything as Flora does, time after time, really gives you an insight into how someone with short-term amnesia lives – and it is incredibly fascinating and admirable.

I loved and hated the romance in this book and much preferred the friendship between Flora and Paige, her lifelong best friend. I loved the way the novel ended, leaving me with so much hope for the characters, whilst also shocking me with multiple mind-blowing reveals. This book was so clever and unique and, even at times, a little overwhelming. I’ll definitely be reading anything that Emily Barr writes in the future!

4 stars!


Disclaimer: I was sent this book on a read-to-review basis from Penguin Random House UK Children’s and NetGalley. All opinions are my own.


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