REVIEW: One by Sarah Crossan

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote a blog post. Just before my long break from posting, I was usually posting twice a week, which I was really proud of and excited about. But after a while, it began to feel like a chore to write a post at least once a week and I just started to hate it. I haven’t felt like writing in a while, but I recently read a book that took me completely by surprise, and I absolutely had to write at least a little something about it.

one2One by Sarah Crossan is a novel I didn’t ever expect to love. I didn’t even expect to like it, to be honest. I’d seen it on a few people’s TBRs on Goodreads and in a few YouTube videos, so enough to know of it but not enough to know what it’s actually about, apart from an occasional one-sentence synopsis.

I went into the library at my college to just fill up some spare time, and obviously had to look at the Young Adult Fiction section. I recognised a few authors, but nothing really stood out as a book I thought I would get me out of my recent reading slump. That was, until, I picked up One and decided to flick through the pages. It was then, that I realised the book was written in such a unique way: short paragraphs or sentences in one or two, rarely ever more, page chapters, almost poetically. It looked like a book that I could read maybe a couple of pages a day to slowly get me out of my slump. Boy was I wrong – you read the first chapter and you’re hooked until the end.

The synopsis I’d heard was something along the lines of, “conjoined twins Tippi and Grace don’t like being stared at, they just want friends and a ‘normal’ life, but they have a heart-wrenching decision to make”. I don’t think I have ever read a book where the main characters have a physical disability (shame), let alone a book where the main characters’ disability is almost the entire storyline (the shamiest of shame). Looking back, I don’t know why I ever thought this book would be boring and hard to get through. That I wouldn’t be interested because I couldn’t connect with the characters or understand how they were feeling. Crossan does such a brilliant job of helping you understand the most important details of a conjoined twin’s life and making you see the world as they do. I will forever admire these characters and the real people they were inspired by.

It’s almost a shame how quickly I read this book. Obviously I was loving it as I sped through, but now it’s over, I definitely want to buy my own copy and reread it. I have never felt so emotional when reading a book – I don’t cry at books, ever. And yet, there I was bawling my eyes out with that tight-chest feeling you get when something really freaking hurts. You can guarantee I will be making all of my friends read this book, and I expect they’ll love it just as much as I do. genuinely cannot recommend One enough.

Star Rating: ★★★★★


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