REVIEW: The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

A huge part of why I loved this book so much is that I felt like sometimes Lennie was explaining everything I couldn’t. Having lost someone incredibly important recently myself, I empathised with Lennie and found myself on many occasions thinking “this is exactly what I want to say”. It’s a story that teaches you to appreciate what you need and appreciate what you want if you’re lucky enough to have it.

The romance in no way took away from Lennie grieving her sister’s death.  Yes, at times, Lennie and Toby were an uncomfortable situation, but if that is how they choose to deal with their emotions, I don’t think we are fair to judge. Saying that, I completely, undeniably, 110% support Lennie and Joe Fontaine. I think Joe was the perfect mix of dreamy and realistic – lovely, talented and always sweet and understanding with Lennie, yet still knew where he stood about the things that really mattered to him.

Honestly, I wish I’d read The Sky is Everywhere before I read I’ll Give You The Sun, Jandy Nelson’s second YA novel. I think I might’ve thought a bit differently if I read them in chronological release-date order and didn’t have IGYTS, one of my favourite books ever, to compare it to. I also have to admit that the reason I decided to pick up the book recently was because of the cover for Zoella’s Book Club edition. Though I don’t really understand the book club, I am absolutely in love with the sky and adore this cover so much!

Saying that, I did really love this book and there is now a special place in my heart for Toby Shaw and Joe Fontaine.

Author: Jandy Nelson
Title: The Sky is Everywhere
Audience: Teens/Young Adults
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Published: March 2010

Star Rating: ★★★★☆


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