REVIEW: Dangerous Boys by Abigail Haas

My favourite thing about this entire book is the order of the chapters. At a glance it seems to be quite random, but soon enough you realise that there is a specific reason for the “Now”, “Then”, “The End” and “The Beginning” chapters to be so perfectly woven together. I believe that it is the chapters that make the mystery feel continually live, as you are always finding out new information and more details, which you can’t help but try and piece together to predict the ending.

The mystery in itself was so unbelievably clever. I will be forever envious of Abigail Haas’ incredible mind and her ability to write such a dramatic, suspenseful, addictive story.

I found it really hard to decide if I loved or hated Chloe, the protagonist in the book. At the beginning, she was your typical YA girl who was good at school, has a good job and is generally liked by everyone. Without giving too much away, by the end of the book, she has most definitely done some things to make me question her character. Psychotic? Corrupted? Confused?

As always, the main character has to land themselves in the middle of a love triangle. Usually, I fully support love triangles and I love trying to predict and then see the end result. This time, however, Chloe just made an already really bad situation between two brothers, even worse. Ethan and Ollie, the other two points of the triangle, already had a tricky dynamic, and Chloe’s aimless floating between them was really frustrating.

The ending was the perfect reflection of the madness that happened throughout the entire book. My heart was racing constantly and Haas’ ideas just blew my mind. I would love to be inside her head for a day!

Author: Abigail Haas
Title: Dangerous Boys
Audience: Teens/Young Adults
Genres: Mystery, Romance
Published: August 2014

Star Rating: ★★★★☆


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