Night Owls by Jenn Bennett Review

Oh how this book stayed on my mind.  I liked the characters and thought the storyline was intriguing, but didn’t think much about this book whilst reading it. There was no overwhelming sensation of love or hate – it wasn’t terrible or incredible, just good.  Since then, I have often found myself thinking about something that happened in the book and have slowly realised how much I actually love it.

I think that, overall, this book tells a unique story and develops real relationships between exciting characters. You know from the detail used to describe mental illness in this book, that the author really cared about portraying mental illness, and the characters with the illness, the way she believed to be most accurate. Also, lets take a moment to applaud Jenn Bennett for writing a sex-positive YA novel and not trying to pretend teenagers and young adults don’t have sex! I was so happy with the ending, when all of the characters meet and their lives’ really start to intertwine. I do love a happy ending.

One of my biggest criticisms is the way in which the art was described; there was so much potential to create a beautiful image of Jack’s artwork throughout the city and I just didn’t feel as impressed as I probably should have been. Unfortunately, there was some serious insta-love at the beginning of the book. But I forgave the mostly-unrealistic image of falling in love just by seeing a boy in a hoodie at a bus stop, because eventually, Jack and Beatrix develop a wonderful relationship that you can’t hope but wish was your own.

Author: Jenn Bennett
Title: Night Owls
Audience: Teens/Young Adults
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Published: August 2015

Star Rating: ★★★★☆



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